What are your business hours? 

Our office is typically open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. There are circumstances, including holidays, in which our office may be closed or may close early. We try to let our clients know these schedules in advance, where necessary and/or possible.

Do you charge for consultation? 

This firm does not typically charge for an initial consultation. However, consultations which are more extensive or are after an initial consultation may incur charges pursuant to the arrangement with the specific attorney handling the case. There are, however, certain matters which do call for an initial consultation fee; in such a case, that fee is typically $200 and would apply to a retainer fee if the attorney is hired.

Do you handle contingency fee cases? 

Our firm will take cases on a contingency fee basis, when that arrangement is appropriate. Ethics precludes attorneys from taking cases on a contingency fee basis in certain types of domestic issues or criminal defense. There are, however, cases which may be taken on a contingency arrangement, such as plaintiffs’ automobile accident claims or medical malpractice claims. Whether your case is eligible for this arrangement and the specifics of the contingency percentage will be discussed between you and the attorney handling your case. 

Do you require a retainer? 

There are some matters which typically require payment in advance of a portion or all of your expected attorney fees before this firm would be able to either take action on your file or become the attorney of record for you in a case. The amount of a retainer varies widely based on the type of case and circumstances involved. That amount would be discussed between you and the attorney handling your case.

How much do you charge? 

Probably not a unique question to law firms, this is, in fact, probably one of the most frequently asked. Attorney fees and arrangements vary from firm to firm and also between attorneys. Legal fees should be reasonable in consideration of the following factors: time and labor required, difficulty of question and skill requisite; preclusion of other employment; local charges for similar work; time limitations imposed by client or circumstances; nature and length of relationship with client; experience, reputation, and ability of lawyer performing the services; and other various factors.

This firm takes some types of work on a contingency fee basis, which will be addressed separately. There are some matters which may be handled for a flat fee. That amount would be determined based on the nature of the case, the specific attorney handling the matter, and the specific facts of that case. Cases that lend themselves to a flat fee are, among others, (1) Irreconcilable Differences divorces, (2) document drafting, (3) estate probate, (4) agreed matters, and (5) residential real estate closings.

Most work is handled on an hourly rate. The rate could vary based on the attorney involved, the type of matter and issues being addressed, and other similar factors set out above. All fee arrangements are discussed with the client at a consultation and/or are addressed through an appropriate legal fee agreement.