Dorothy was right; there IS no place like home.  Home should be a restful place.  You can rest in the knowledge that our staff has taken care of all the details to insure that your investment in your home is secure.  Our firm represents buyers, sellers, banks, and mortgage companies in all types of residential real estate transactions in North Mississippi and West Tennessee. 

We are title insurance agents for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore.  We provide services such as contract drafting and negotiation, title search and examination, escrow, and closing services.  The firm has over 40 years’ experience in representing numerous clients in the sale and/or purchase of residential developments to single family dwellings.  

Austin Law Firm has gone through a rigorous audit and vetting process in order to be classified as an American Land Title Association certified mortgage closing office.  We adhere to all of the “Best Practices” the industry requires which means your closing transaction is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.