Mr. Austin once said, “If you don’t have your own will, the State has one for you.”  If you want to be able to control what happens with your worldly possessions when you pass on, our office is able to assist you in the preparation of your Last Will and Testament.  Additional documents to consider while planning your long term care may include, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Deed Preparation.  These documents allow you to appoint someone to care for your personal and medical needs should you no longer be able to do so.  We are here to craft a plan to meet your specific circumstances and goals.

Most people have many questions when dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Where is the Will?  Does the estate need to be probated?  What is involved with the process?  Our attorneys are well suited in advising you of all the necessary legal components to probate or administer the estate of your loved one, if necessary.  Our staff has handled numerous estates that have included the assets and debts of those whom have passed on with attention to detail with this important matter.